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Information about Voronezh Regional Social Child Organization of scouts

The projects of our organization gives to school children an opportunity to he involved in such areas of contemporary life as economics, low, business, management, civil education, moral and physical development. These programmes include festivals, summer camps, clup projects, business-like games. Different activities are embodied all over me year, from September to march in me middle of school year competitions festivals amongst schools are held. They are called "Dialog of Civilizations". The most active participants and winners of these festivals take part in summer camps such as "New land" and "Navigator".
The school stage of our programme foresees creating of self-government which is represented in political and economic game called "Democratic Republic". This game reflects the main activities of the state institutes. Children get aquainted, base principals of law with the political system of society, base principals of low, financial system, economic activity and so on.

Sity stage of our programme.
This stage includes a meeting of delegation of school states. It's a city youth festival called "Dialog of Civilizations". At first there are teams from schools that officially included in the programme of Voronezh Regional Social Child Organization of scouts . Each team consists of 10-15 members. The basis of the festival is a political and economic game that models internation relations in different areas of collaboration. This gives to participants a chance to learn the bases of international policy, to verify the efficiency of various tactics of solving misunderstanding, to realize the nessesity and even inevitability of cooperating in order to increase the level of life and reduc military expenditures.
Regional stage of programme foresees the construction of educational camp for youth active members. The base of this projects is a complex game. "New land" which models the activity of civilized state. Children are in change of running it. New land elect theirs president, the parlament, shape the government, deal with tax inspection and earn for living. Resides this. They take part in special educational programmes, the main purpon of which is training young generation for realizing social project in conditions of their own region, rendering real help to association. All the participants of this stage go through a special course of surviving.
Navigator is a sport's camp. The base of it is a patiriotical upbringing of school children, psychological trainings and rallying a team. This programme includes physical, cultural, entellectual, moral and creative development of young generation using the methods of scouting.

Participating in all-Russian and Eurasian programmes.
Russian association of Navigators/Scouts carried out a unique scout programme in the Crimea this summer ( 12-26 July). It consisted of the preparations in such directions on the sea.
In 2006 scouts of Voronezh were represented on the first Eurasian Jamboree (13-22 August). The main purpon of it was threnthening the bounds between counties of Eurasia Redion, uniting the scout Movement, developing mutual understanding.

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